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20 peaks – hiking challenge in Hemsedal

Hemsedal has a lot  more than skiing to offer

20 peaks in Hemsedal is a beautiful experience in summer. The whole family like downhill skiing including dad 80+. We’ve spent many, many winter seasons in Norway and the better part of them in Hemsedal. Cross country skiing is also very popular and there are many areas with good and prepared tracks.

Summertime we started to discover in 2014. And we started hiking the 20 peaks. A challenge whether you do them all in one season or split it over several years. The 20 peaks are not randomly chosen. They have been chosen for their variety in flora and difficulty to hike, but most of all they are chosen so that each have a beautiful view, some have fantastic…

Challenges vary in Hemsedal hiking 20 peaks

I stamped my card on 9 of the peaks back in 2014 and was fascinated by how varied the landscape hiking the peaks was. They are after all quite closely located in the landscape.

Kyrkjebønnøs is one of four black peaks. There are four different levels divided as the skiing slopes: green, blue, red and black. It depends on the distance to the top and the vertical fall from top to bottom. It’s really the steepness of the fall per kilometer that is the most challenging part, not the distance.  Kyrkjebønnøs has a vertical fall of 911 meters the highest of all the peaks. That means that each kilometer has a fall of 182,2 meters. 5 km up and 5 down and it’s actually the hike down that’s the toughest on your body, the knees in particular. And I wonder how the guy we met running down felt the next day.

My daughter thought when we were hiking down one of the green ones that the peaks were a lot tougher than she had anticipated. The hiking trails she had done in Sweden were classified as red and nothing in comparison to the ones we did here. She had expected the toughest to be like the green one…

Some pictures from the hikes back in July 2014 with my brother and daugher…

And if you think – I could never do that! Think again!. I was in bad shape back then having broken some bones in my foot 3,5 months earlier and asthma that had not been fully handled with medication yet… It’s actually your will power that sets your boundaries. There is only one important thing – good boots for hiking, no jogging shoes, hiking boots. And perhaps something to fill your energy depots with 😉 Being Swedish, I of course bring coffee and something to go with it = ’fika’



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  1. Marit den 16 juli, 2016 kl 15:00

    Hyggelig å se bilder fra Norge 😉 Jeg har aldri vært i Hemsedal, så det var fint å se for meg også.
    Flotte fjell som er der. Vakre bilder, Carina!

    Klem, Marit

  2. Kristinas oas den 16 juli, 2016 kl 17:05

    Vackra vyer som jag förstår är ännu mer imponerande i verkligheten, inte minst när vandringen kräver en och annan paus. Så roligt att läsa att det är något ni tycker om att göra tillsammans i familjen.
    Trevlig helg!
    Kram Kristina

  3. Rost och rädisor den 16 juli, 2016 kl 23:18

    Vilka fantastiska vyer och vilka kraftansträngningar ni tar er an!
    Allt gott

  4. Lena i Wales den 17 juli, 2016 kl 12:16

    Ser helt fantastiskt ut! Vilka vyer!
    Bra gjort!

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